The Importance of Bicycle Repair & Maintenance

November 24, 2019

Whether you’re a keen cyclist looking forward to the first sportive of the season, commute to work by bike or just love cycling as a fun way to boost your fitness and enjoy the fresh air, regular servicing is key to getting the best out of your bike. Looking after your bike property will ensure that it runs smoothly as well as helping it to last longer. In this months blog we will take a look at the key points of basic bicycle maintenance.


Whether you ride your bike regularly, no matter the season or are planning to head out for the first time as the weather warms up, spring is the ideal time to get your bike serviced. The cold, rain and mud of winter takes a heavy toll on your bike’s performance. Roadies and commuters alike will know all too well of the extreme amount of wear your bike is subjected to due to winters wet, grimy roads. For all the mountain bikers out there, nothing beats a weekend of sliding around in the mud, however it’s essential to keep your bike serviced regularly to ensure that it runs well and is safe to ride. Wherever you choose to ride, the key reason to keep your bike well maintained and serviced regularly is your safety. If any mechanical problems are spotted and corrected as soon as possible, the safer your ride will be.


One of the most important aspects of basic bicycle maintenance is regular cleaning. When you come in from a wet, muddy ride, or even if it’s your daily commuter, it’s very tempting to leave your bike, crack a beer and put your feet up! However, getting into the habit of keeping it clean and shiny will prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the components. Just a few minutes work will prolong the lifespan of your bike and keep your bike running sweetly.

For a speedy cleanup, use a spray on cleaner specifically designed for cleaning bicycles, such as the Muc-Off Nano-Tech cleaner. (Household washing up liquid or abrasive pads can corrode cycle components.) Use a special bike brush to ensure that you can reach into all the crevices in your drive chain – otherwise, the only way to get it properly clean would be to strip it down, a time-consuming task. Then, dry your bike and lubricate the drive train and other moving parts to stop them deteriorating and keep them working efficiently: this will make a big difference to the enjoyment of your next ride. For a final polish, apply a water repellent bike spray to protect your bike and keep it looking good. Use Muc-Off wet lube on your chain in winter and dry lube in summer and for a nice polish to keep you bike squeaky clean, you can use Muc-Off Silicone Shine!


When riding your bike, pay attention to any issues that could affect your safety. The most important thing to look out for here are any problems with the brakes. Before every ride, you should check the brake pads, hoses and cables for wear, if they are showing signs of fatigue, book your bike in for a service. If your bike has hydraulic disc brakes and you notice a less responsive, spongy feel when braking, they may need to be bled.

Keep an eye on your gears as well: if they are slipping or missing a shift, this is an indication the drivetrain is not aligned properly and that your bike will benefit from a service.


Keeping your bike clean is a good start but if you are not sure or don’t have the time for more complex maintenance, call into the Hub Cycle Works, where we offer a range of servicing options to suit all needs and budgets. From a quick check and tune to a full performance service, our mechanics have the expertise to ensure a safe ride and help you get the best performance out of your bike.

Need any help and assistance? Why not get in touch with us here at The Hub Cycle Works to see how we could help you today.

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