Freedom to Ride

A healthier, more productive way to commute to and from work...

Using electric bikes to commute to work can help improve your carbon footprint and save your business money on fuel costs and parking tickets.

Encouraging a healthier lifestyle within the workplace can also help improve workflow, putting employees in a happier mind space to start their day.


Zedify Business Deliveries

Join a community of businesses who have already adopted cycle to work schemes and discover the multiple benefits of a sustainable transport strategy - from reducing budget costs and carbon emissions to boosting team well-being, productivity and retention.
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Corporate Bike Rental

We have invested in over 20 high quality E-bikes from Trek and Electra into our demo fleet to enable you to experience the fun of riding a E bike before you make the significant investment decision.

We can provide extended demonstrations/trials over a weekend or couple of days provided appropriate security is provided

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