Convert to Cargo

Convert your existing bike into a three-wheeled machine capable of transporting a range of precious cargo. AddBike works by simply replacing your front wheel, with two wheels! This solution is ideal for families, businesses and pet parents alike, and it's reversible.


Does this mean I have to buy a new bike?

No! AddBike invented a way to convert your existing bike to a three-wheeled Cargo wonder. The Cargo conversion kit will provide everything you need, and you can easily undo the process when you don't need the extra space! POOF bring back my old bike.

Is AddBike a good way to stabilise my bike?

AddBike is not designed to be a stabilised cycling solution. This is due to your new front wheels being designed to tilt, to make steering your new Cargo bike easier!

How much will fit in the Cargo?

AddBike conversion is designed to accommodate 1 child up to 35kg with the Carry Box Kid, 1 dog in a Carry' Dog, or transport other loads with the Carry Box.

*Please note that the Dog and Child models are not the same item.

AddBike Dog Carry
AddBike Dog Carry

Convert to Cargo with AddBike

AddBike Plus - One wheel off, Two wheels on!

AddBike Kid Carry Conversion

Kid Carry - Climb aboard (up to 35kg)

Carry Dog by AddBike

Carry Dog - Hit the road Jack