What Is a Cargo Bike?

For when you can't decide whether to ditch the car. With a range of brands to choose from, our cargo bikes are ideal for everyone! Whether you're a business, a family, or both - this is the yes to all your bike no's.


Can I fit my Cargo Bike in the Car if I need to?

Yes! Our TERN cargo bike is the same length as an average bike, but has folding elements that allow you to transport it when and where you need to.

Are Cargo Bikes easy to ride?

Why not come in and find out with the assistance of our knowledgable team. We offer bike rentals from our Southampton store from a day or more.

Why are Cargo Bikes so expensive?

We understand price can be a sticking point, which is why we advocate the benefits that Cargo bikes provide in comparison to cars in the City. Check out our blog post 'What is a cargo bike?'. We'd love to help you find out more about how Cargo bikes could be an ideal solution for your family or business, give us a call or drop by The Hub Cycleworks.

Tern GSD S00 Blue Restock at the hub southampton

Nice Wheels!

Tern - The JCB of family bikes

Benno - Run errands in style

Urban Arrow - Traffic, who?